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Buying a Home

Let us help you with Buying a Home

Buying a Home: Get a Mortgage that works for you!

If you are thinking of Buying a Home, Don't make the mistake of going in alone on the biggest Purchase you'll make in your life. Let a 5 Star Mortgage Broker, Rumy Gill - Mortgage Broker, help guide you through the process and make sense of the Home Buying process.

Clients and Realtors Trust Rumy Gill to Help find them the Best Mortgage when Buying a Home, and you should too!

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Mortgage Services for Buying a Home:

  • Mortgage Prequalification
  • Selling and Buying a Home
  • Buying a Rental Property
  • Insured Mortgage (Down Payment Less than 20%)
  • Bad Credit
  • Buying a Condo
  • Buying a Pre-Construction
  • Mortgage Pre Approval
  • Buying a Second Home
  • First Time Home Buyer
  • New To Canada
  • Self Employed
  • Builder Home
  • Pre-Construction

Congratulations, you have taken the first steps towards Buying a Home, or you this may be your second, third or even fourth go around at.

Nonetheless, Mortgage Rules and Regulation are constantly changing and the Government is always introducing new measure to maintain stability in the Real Estate Market. Whether you are Buying a Home for the First time or an Experienced Home Buyer, it always a good idea to stay up to date with the latest Rules and Regulations regarding the Mortgage Industry.

When it comes to Mortgage Financing Rumy Gill is here to Help make sure you are well qualified and your Home Purchase will be Approved without any delay or unexpected surprises.

We Work with Top Mortgage Lenders and have access to Special Financing Programs you are not able to access on your own.

If you are thinking of Buying a Home then you need to contact me today or Apply Online Now to get started.

Want to Know How Much of Mortgage You Can Afford when Buying a Home?

Use our Mortgage Calculator to calculate your monthly payments, Down Payment, Land Transfer Tax, or Contact us by Applying to get answers to your questions.

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Purchase Price

Minimum Down Payment

$300,000 $15,000
$400,000 $20,000
$500,000 $25,000
$600,000 $35,000
$700,000 $45,000
$8000,000 $55,000
$900,000 $65,000
$1,000,000 $200,000
$1,200,000 $240,000
$1,500,000 $300,000

Minimum Required Down Payment When Buying A Home

*Please note these are just the minimum required amount you can put as a down payment when Buying a Home. You may be required to put down a larger down payment if your if your income and credit qualification do not meet the mortgage requirements

If you are unsure if you qualify, or how much down Payment you will need? Contact me today and schedule an appointment to find out your mortgage options when Buying a Home.