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Here is how Brampton Mortgage Broker- Rumy Gill, Helped a client with a Mortgage for Buying a Townhouse for $650k in Brampton.

A Realtor had approached me through a mutual friend and asked me if I could help one of his Clients a Mortgage Pre-Approval, he explained the client’s situation;

*Had just sold their Condo in Brampton for $450k
*Was Looking into Buying a Townhouse in Brampton for $650k (Free Hold Property)
*Client had 20% down payment from the sale of the Condo
*Wife was on Maternity Leave and was returning to her job in a few months
*Husbands income was $80k a year and had been employed for over 8 years
*Credit Score was in in the 700’s
*Clients needed a Fast Closing

After hearing the details of client’s situation, I asked the Realtor to set up a meeting with the Client so we could go over all the Mortgage process and get a Mortgage Pre-Approval in place. The Realtor agreed and the clients were thrilled with the Mortgage Options and rate that they could qualify for. I took the Application and got all the necessary Documents in place and sent the file off for Mortgage Pre-Approval.

After a few hours I was able to get a Mortgage Pre-Approval in place, the client and the Realtor were surprised that I was able to get a Mortgage Pre-Approval done so fast. I suggested to them that they go out and put an offer on the Townhouse property they had seen, so we could get the Final Mortgage Approval.

Unfortunately, the Clients offer was not accepted and they were out bid and had to start their search all over again. Luckily for the Clients it only took a few days and found another Townhouse property they loved but there were multiple offers on the property, and they did not want to lose this property as well. So the Clients put in a firm offer (against my advice, they removed their Financing Condition).

However, by doing this they were able to get their offer Accepted by the seller and not lose the Townhouse property to another buyer.

Once the offer was accepted and I received all the documents, I submitted the file for a Final Mortgage Approval.

The next day, I Called the Clients and gave the news of their Mortgage Approval. Both the Realtor and the clients were thrilled with the entire Mortgage Approval Process and the outcome, especially with the offer being made without a financing clause.

The Clients and the Realtor told me that they were very impressed with the level service and the communication they received from me during the Mortgage process of Buying a Townhouse from start to finish and that they have passed on my referral to future clients and their friends and family members.

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