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Variety being the spice of life, Brampton Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill can offer you a wide variety of Mortgage Lending options through a vast network or over 50 Mortgage Lenders. Whether you are looking to Purchase a Home or Rental Property, Refinance your current Mortgage, or if you need to Access Equity from your Home or Rental Property working with a Brampton Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill is your best option for you.

Typically the Big 5 Banks are what most people think of when they are looking for a Mortgage, but did you know that our Mortgage Lenders consist of 2 of the 5 Big Banks, Credit Unions, Alternate Lenders, Sub Prime Lenders (B Lenders) and Private Lenders.

Yes that is correct, by working with these many different type of Lenders, Mortgage Brokers are able to access exclusive products and solutions through a variety of Lending programs where Local Banks are not able to.

Utilizing these Lenders Programs have many benefits, here are just a few;

Great Rates

Our Mortgage Lenders are all fighting for your business, and are looking to take on top quality clients. Our Lenders will often run Mortgage Rate Promotions to capture your business, and these Great Rates are known to be better than what your current Mortgage Lender or Bank is able to offer you.

Bad Credit Mortgage

Having a Bad Credit Mortgage situation can ruin your chances of getting a Great Mortgage Rate Banks offer. Banks won’t even look at you for a Mortgage, as their only focus is to deal with top quality A plus Credit Clients, but does that mean your Mortgage can’t be Approved. We work with Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders who have special programs designed for Bad Credit Mortgage clients. Our Mortgage Lenders offer short term Mortgages at Great Mortgage Rates and they will work with you to put steps in place to help you build a plan around repairing your Credit Score. All this extra work is done so you can get all the benefits of getting even Better Mortgage Rates just like our top quality A plus Credit Clients enjoy. It will just take us a bit of time to get you there as well.

Self Employed Mortgage

Being Self Employed can work against you when you are trying to get Mortgage Approved. This can be because you declare low income on your personal taxes or you have been in business for less than 2 years, or your average income over 2 years is not enough. One thing is for sure, Banks don’t make it easy for Self Employed Mortgage clients to get their Mortgage Approved but our Lenders do. Our Lenders have designed special Mortgage Programs for Self Employed Mortgage clients. So if you are in business for less than 2 years, or are showing low income on your personal taxes, or your 2 year average income is not enough; you can still get your Mortgage Approved at Great Rates with the flexibility of short Mortgage terms. Our Lenders understand the importance of being Self Employed and they judge your Mortgage qualification differently than the Banks, and helping you get your Mortgage Financing Approved.

Home Equity Loan

Over the course of your Mortgage, there will be times where you will need to access the Equity in your Home but a Mortgage Refinance will not work Either you will be not qualify due to your Income or Credit situation or the Penalty to break your Mortgage will be too much. This is where a Home Equity Loan from our Mortgage Lenders can provide you much needed financial relief. A Home Equity Loans is a loan that qualifies you on the basis of the Equity you have in your home and not your Income or Credit.  Approvals are based on the value of your Home and unused Equity available. Our Lenders can help you utilize your Home’s Equity  with a Home Equity Loan so you can get started on your Home Renovation plans, Debt Consolidation, or get access to cash for any reason possible.

Rental Property Mortgage

After a certain number of Rental properties the Bank will not Approve you for any more Rental Property Mortgages. Even if these properties are cash flowing and covering the cost of the expenses that come with owning them, there is a hard cut off after you own 3 to 4 properties and if you are lucky 5. But good news for you is that our Lenders work with Investors and Approve Rental Property Mortgages past the Banks threshold. That means you continue on purchasing these cash flowing properties and building your Real Estate portfolio. Don’t let a good deal just go by, our Lenders are here to help you secure the financing for your Rental Property Mortgage needed so you can take advantage of a Great Opportunity when it arises.

So as you can see Mortgage Lenders offer you many Great Programs for your Mortgage Financing needs.  Get in touch with Brampton Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill Today, to take advantage of these Programs and secure yourself a Great Mortgage Rate.

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