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Here is how Brampton Mortgage Broker- Rumy Gill, Helped with a New to Canada Mortgage for a family so they could Purchase a $450k Condo in Brampton.

Aman and Rupinder have been married for over 5 years and both were engineers in India, and hand relocated to in Canada. Since they arrived to Canada, they had been renting a condo and they were getting tired of the concept of renting. They felt like they were wasting their money on rent.

Aman and Rupinder managed to get great paying jobs in their fields and were earning a total of $150k between the both of them. They felt they it was time for them to purchase a home of their own, but being First Time Home Buyers they didn’t know where to start. They felt confused and lost trying to figure out the process, they searched online but they were unable to figure out how Buying a Home worked, they needed help.

Unaware of the New to Canada Mortgage qualification, and how it could apply to their situation, a past client of mind introduced me to Aman and Rupinder who was a relative of the couple.

When I sat down with Aman and Rupinder, I went through all the basics of Buying a Home, and asked them about what type of properties were they Interested in purchasing and how money they could put for a down payment; just so I could understand what they currently knew and what we need to go over.

As I was listening to their answers, I found they knew a lot about Buying a Home but they didn’t understand how it applied to their situation. I explained to them how a New to Canada Mortgage worked and how it applied to their situation.

After hearing how a New to Canada Mortgage it worked, Aman and Rupinder were ready to start on the path of Buying a Home and becoming First Time Home Buyers.

They we both set on wanting to purchase a Condo, and they had asked me to introduce them to a Realtor who specialized in purchasing Condos, so I did.

After a month of searching for Condos in Brampton, Aman and Rupinder finally found a place they loved and made an offer. As First Time Home Buyers, while they were waiting on the offer to accepted, they were nervous about their offer being rejected as they loved the place, but then they got the news that their offer was accepted.

The Best Part for Aman and Rupinder, as First Time Home Buyers, they were able to save money by staying within their comfort zone of their finances and not going overboard with the purchase of their Condo.

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