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Here is how Brampton Mortgage Broker- Rumy Gill, Helped Jose a Home Owner from Brampton with a Second Mortgage Equity Take Out for $100k.

Jose had just sold his home and was looking to put in an offer on a new home but didn’t have money available for a deposit on the purchase. Jose also had a Lien against the property from CRA due to personal taxes owing and was behind on his Property Tax.

With the closing of his property 2 months away Jose wanted to pay all these debts off and not have to worry about them any longer and wanted to have money for his Deposit and for a trip back home to Spain so he could visit family.

That is when Jose contacted me, a Brampton Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill for a new Second Mortgage Equity Take Out on his Home in Brampton which he had just sold.

Jose explained to me that he wanted to get the Second Mortgage taken care of as soon as possible and have his Property Tax paid off, CRA Lien paid off, Have money for the Deposit of the new Home he was looking to buy and have money available to him for his visit back to Spain.

When we broke down the cost of everything and the money we needed for a Second Mortgage Equity Take Out, we got the following numbers;

*Property Tax Owing $5,000
*CRA Lien $15,000
*Money need for deposit on new Home $50,000
*Money needed for visit back to Spain $20,000
*Legal costs, and fees needed totaled $10,000

Jose needed a Total of $100,000.

Jose told me he didn’t want to make any payments on the Second Mortgage Equity Take Out and he wanted everything to be paid out on the day of the closing from the sale of his home.

I contacted a few Second Mortgage Lenders, and I was able to arrange a Second Mortgage of $100,000 in a 2 days. Jose was very happy with quick response I was able to get him from one of my Second Mortgage Lenders and arrange such a quick closing for the $100,000 he needed.

After getting all documents signed, Jose was able to collect his money and get started on his plans. When I spoke to Jose a few days after he received his money, I asked him what was the best part of working with me?

Jose explained to me he was really impressed with the fast turnaround time and all the information given up front. He told me he had never had someone work so fast and efficient to get him approved before and that he usually had to wait weeks in the past.

So if you are looking to get the Best Mortgage Options for your Second Mortgage Equity Take Out, then you should contact me, Brampton Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill, Today.

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