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Brampton Mortgage Broker - Rumy Gill

Top Mortgage Broker April 2019 Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Just to give you a quick background on me, I am Top Mortgage Broker in Brampton (BramptonMortgageBroker, MortgageBrokerBrampton) working at MortgageIntelligence. I am a Google 5 Star reviewed MortgageBroker in Brampton by my clients.

It is with great appreciation that I announce that, April 2019 was a Great Month and one to remember! I was able to Cracked the Top 5 for April 2019. Top 5 Team Member out of 100’s at Mortgage Intelligence 🙌 @rumygill

None of it would be possible without the support of all my Referral Partners, Realtors, and Past Clients and their Referrals of Family and Friends. And my Amazing Team at Mortgage Intelligence. All the hard work has paid off and May 2019 looks Strong! And June 2019 is looking like it’s going to be a Busy one! Let’s keep going!

We’re Always Open for Business! Mortgage Approvals for Home Purchases, Refinances, Equity Take Out, Second Mortgages, Private Financing!


Transcript from the video:

“Hello everyone, Rumy Gill here, MortgageBroker at MortgageIntelligence. Want to take a quick second here to appreciate and recognize all my Realtors and support systems I have in place. Without you guys, I would not have been able to get to the top five of Mortgage Intelligence of April 2019. Thank you so much.

Thank you to my Realtors, Thank you to my referral partners, my past clients who have sent me referrals. Thank you so much. Thank you to Mortgage Intelligence for giving me an opportunity and platform where I can grow my business. I look forward to continue growing my business in the upcoming months. Thank you again guys.”


If you are looking for help with your Mortgage, I am always available to help. Make sure to get in contact wit me so I can help you out with your Mortgage Financing including Mortgage Approvals for Home Purchases, Refinances, Equity Take Out, Second Mortgages, and Private Financing.

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