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Most People are unaware of the benefits when you use a Mortgage Broker, most people think they are only there for people with Bad Credit or if you have been declined by the Bank or of you need Private Financing. Well let me just tell you that is not true. I have been a Broker for many years and I have helped all types of clients in many situations with their Approval. But let me share with you three great benefits when you use a Mortgage Broker.

  1. Great Rates

Did you know Brokers have access to Multiple Lenders who they send business to on a daily basis. Because of this volume they send to the multiple Lenders they work with, Brokers can access and negotiate Great Rates and even get access Special Limited Time Rates not available to the public. These Rates are Exclusive to Brokers and their clients.

Brokers have great rates for all types of clients and their unique situations, even if you have excellent credit, bad credit, are self employed or have been declined by the Bank. There is No need to worry a Broker can help you with finding the Best Rate for your situation from the many Lenders who they work with. The easiest way to get the Best Rate is to just contact a Broker.

  1. Service

A Broker works for you, the client and it is the Broker’s job to represent you to the Lenders. It is important to remember that Brokers work for you and not the Lenders, so that means they will always look out for your best interest and put your needs first before anyone. Brokers go above and beyond for their clients to ensure they are getting the best service possible for their Financing. This means your Broker is available when you are, so if you work from 9am to 6pm during the week days, a Broker can work around your schedule to get you Approved. If you live a fast paced life or work the long hours then it makes perfect sense to work with and use a Mortgage Broker.

  1. Options

Did you know that Brokers have access to up to over 50 Lenders, which include most of the Major Banks, Credit Unions, Alternate Lenders, and Private Lenders.

With so many Lenders available to choose from, a Broker is ready to help with and find a Approval for almost any situation and provide you the Best Options that work for your situation.

So that means if you are looking to Buy a Home, Refinancing, Renewal, looking for an Equity Take Out, Debt Consolidation or even a Home Renovation then it is in your best interest to work with a Broker for your Approval.


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