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A Debt Consolidation Loan Canada can help home owners fight off high interest debt by accessing their home’s equity!

A Debt Consolidation Loan Canada (also know as a Home Equity Loan) can Leverage the Equity in your Home to pay off your Debts, free up Cash Flow and Repair your Credit Score!

Why get a Debt Consolidation Loan Canada?


A Debt Consolidation Loan Canada is a great option and here are 3 Great reasons why!

  • Great Rates!
  • Low Affordable Monthly Payments!
  • Fast Approvals!
Debt Consolidation Loan Canada | Brampton Mortgage Broker - Rumy Gill
Debt Consolidation Loan Canada | Brampton Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill

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Transcript from the Video:

If you’re a home owner and you have high interest debt, like credit cards, pay day loans, whatever, whatever debts you have. You’re going to want to listen to what I have to say.

What I am going to tell you is going to help you with your finances and help you cash flow every month. Meaning you’ll have money back in your pocket.

So there are a lot of clients that come to me saying Rumy, I Need My Mortgage Refinance. Well when we look at the situation they cannot Mortgage Refinance, because the income doesn’t qualify. So what we do for them is we do for them is we help them with leveraging the equity in their home.

By doing so, we are able to pay off all the debts they are already paying at a high interest rate, and pay it off in full, and give them low affordable monthly payments, which allows them to save money every month.

And then at a later date, in a year or so, we’re able to Mortgage Refinance them. So we’re able to take a step and bridge them to next step after. So is a fantastic option for a lot of my clients I helped out with. It really does help you cash flow every month, and it gets rid of those debts. It also helps your credit score.

Believe it or not if you don’t know this already, if you’re over using your credit and you have a lot of debt, you could be harming your credit score. That means that if you need to Mortgage Refinance and you have tons of debt, you may not even qualify with Banks. Even though you never missed a payment and you’ve been on time, but just because you have so much debt you may not qualify.

So get in touch with me, if you click my link below here. Its right there, www dot Brampton Mortgage Broker dot com. You can click the link, and on the top right hand corner, I believe it is, my Application form is there. There is a quick Application form doesn’t require any credit information, it just requires your details, basic stuff.  3 steps, fill it in, I’ll get it, I’ll review it. I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll get you the best options.

We can offer you Great Rates, We can offer you Low Affordable Monthly Payments, and Fast Approvals.

The Best Part is, the payments are customized to you to help you make these payments. So we can help you out. So please, click the link below. Brampton Mortgage Broker dot com and take action now. Alright. Look forward to helping you out.


Brampton Mortgage Broker- Rumy Gill is here to help clients with a Debt Consolidation Loan Canada.